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Data Science Courses

For the MS in Data Science Program at the University of San Francisco I taught the following courses:

Additionally I was instructor for two other data science courses at USF:

Mathematics Courses

During graduate school I taught a number of Calculus I and II courses with different variations (Honors, Life Sciences, etc.) as well as a course on Euclidean Geometry. You can find a Teaching Portfolio that I prepared during Summer 2019 here which provides a detailed description of those courses as well as my philosophy on how I approached teaching those courses.

Past Activities

In 2017 I attended a workshop on inquiry-based learning at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo which heavily influenced my teaching (and learning!) philosophy. During the academic year 2018-2019 I participated in the GeT (Geometry for Teachers) project as an instructor who had taught a university geometry course required by aspiring high school mathematics teachers. I learned about the challenges faced by high school mathematics teachers, the push to remove geometry from high school, and how instructors of GeT courses could help.